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Why wall sculptures?

Walls surround us. They distinguish mine from yours. They can make you feel safe and protected. They can connect us or separate us. We see walls as a playground. A space to tell your story – to show who you are.

WULFFWINDING – danish wall design builds on the desire for curiosity, courage, and choice. We offer a unique opportunity for creating vivid, exclusive, dynamic and inspiring walls. Furthermore, we invite you in on the creative process by letting you select and combine the shapes and materials that suit your space and personality perfectly. Hence,  feel free to start playing!

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We Bring Walls to Life

Our DNA and what we value

WULFFWINDING is the Danish design partnership between Christina Wulff and
Josefine Winding. It all started out from our own wish for something aesthetic and unique on our walls. First of all it had to differ from the many shelves, mirrors or graphics that we had seen so often. We wanted to create another kind of wall decoration and  we wanted it to draw a line from 1960-70’s wall sculptures. Only the idiom should be more minimalistic and simple but still abstract and with a 3D effect. Consequently, we began our journey into the world of design and handcraft.

However, it is not all a new world to us. Josefine’s childhood home was one of particularly artistic tradition, her being from a lineage counting sculptor Morten Nielsen and famous architect Mogens Lassen, the former of which is a great inspiration for WULFFWINDING. We are thankful for this very present source of creativity and inspiration.

We draw inspiration from nature and love the simple, unadorned, Nordic style. We take an honest, simple and light approach, both in our design and in the way we do business.

We believe in proximity and the quality of collaborating with local partners. Therefore, our wall sculptures are all Made in Denmark and partly by hand at our own workshop. Our special surfaces such as the browned brass, oxidised brass and blued
steel are handmade by a local skilled brazier and as a result each
sculpture is unique and one of a kind.

We value a thorough and beautiful finish everytime and, thus, the quality of our sculptures is highly prioritized.

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