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Wulffwinding Will wall sculpture in light browned brass
Will and Clout wall sculptures in brushed brassWill and Clout wall sculptures in brushed brassWulffwinding Will wall sculpture in light browned brassThe Sculptures


1,850.00 DKK3,695.00 DKK

WILL is a striking sculpture, that with its large asymmetry in the bottom and top appears distinctive and powerful in itself. At the same time WILL gets a softer expression, if you hang two WILL opposite, so the arches meet.

Measurements: L77.2 x W47 cm

Oiled oak nature or cone DKK 1.850,00
Brushed brass DKK 3.695,00

Free shipping in Denmark except deliveries to non-bridged Danish Islands.


Every sculpture has its own significant character, and at the same time, the sculptures are designed to complement each other in large-scale decorations or smaller groups.

The shapes have no particular up/down orientation but are designed to be hung in any direction on a wall. They come in a variety of carefully selected materials, which lets you work not only with complementary shapes and crazy, unique patterns, but also with the beautiful effect of combining different raw materials.

Furthermore, the sculptures can be mounted at two different distances from the wall. This feature lets you play with effects of light and shadow and with the sense of space and dimensions by using overlapping shapes.

Combine the sculptures as you like, and take advantage of the many opportunities for creating a vivid and distinctly personal wall.


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